What Are Web Services?

Did you ever run into a situation where you and someone you needed to communicate with seemed to speak two different languages? If you’re reading this series, there’s a huge chance that you have, and that the two languages were English and “very technical.” Well, systems that work together on the Internet have the same problem. This is where web services come in.

What Are Process Flows and When Would You Use Them?

Are there parts of your life you wish you could automate? Trip planning, taking the dog to the vet, or perhaps scheduling some R&R? Unfortunately, there isn't anything like that yet for your personal life. However, advanced database systems do a good job of automating business processes that are used every day on the job.

What are Database Objects?

Did you know that data stored in Aptify isn’t really stored in Aptify? It’s actually stored in Microsoft SQL Server, which serves as Aptify’s underlying database technology. From time to time, you may hear your database administrator mention database objects. What are those?

What are database tables, records, fields, rows, and columns?

Have you ever sat in a meeting with IT and thought, ”if I just knew a little more, I could really contribute to this conversation – I just don’t have the right words!” Well, we all have. On to the basics: Let’s talk about tables, records, fields, rows, and columns.