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PerByte's Forms System

Aptify Integrations

Are you taking full advantage of everything you could do with Aptify? We've integrated it with everything from third-party services to enterprise systems.

We help clients optimize operations, enable online self-service, integrate systems, improve system performance, and better understand their data.

  • Membership Auto-Renewal

    An auto-renewal program provides convenience to your members and peace of mind to you. From enrollment through payment processing, PerByte can help you automate the end-to-end process according to your organization’s business rules.

  • HubSpot Integration

    Reduce data silos by integrating key data points between HubSpot and Aptify. Gain insights by adding PerByte’s HubSpot Activity Tracker to your website. PerByte is a Hubspot Partner.

  • Web Redesign Support

    So you hired top-notch talent to rebrand your website, but how can you extend your new look to your Aptify-enabled e-Business site without breaking things? We will collaborate with the design firm of your choice to safely modernize your member profile, membership application, and any page that touches Aptify.


Put control of online forms back in the hands of end users.

PerByte's Forms System

PerByte’s Forms System allows Aptify users without web development skills to create configurable forms on your e-Business website. Use PerByte’s Forms System to publish event and conference registration pages, membership applications, and any other forms your users complete online. The easy-to-use framework writes contact, preference, and other data back to Aptify through your website.

Save time and let the system do the work.

Advanced Messaging System

Can you fire a Message Run when a field changes? How about updating an Aptify field when you send a message, or ensuring that a message gets sent once but never twice? Perhaps quickly resending a message on demand or at a certain frequency? With Aptify, of course you can, but it requires spinning up new Process Flows, writing rule scripts, or even coding a Process Component. With this extension, you can use metadata to define these rules and let the system take over. Save time coding and configuring messages to get back to something less tedious. Version(s) Supported: 5.5.1, 5.5.2, 5.5.3, 5.5.4, 5.5.5, 5.5.6, 6.0. Delivery: By Publisher. Installation: By Publisher. Support: 30-day standard warranty

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Get the only certified Aptify integration on the Avalara marketplace.

Avalara Integration

Is your system prepared to handle sales tax on services? PerByte has partnered with Avalara to develop the only certified integration for Aptify users. Avalara's Avatax software uses the latest rules and rates to ensure that sales and taxes are calculated accurately and in real time, easing the burden on your staff and your members. Use PerByte's pre-built integration to connect Aptify and AvaTax, then sit back and let the systems do the work. Installation is fast and easy, and user documentation is included to support setup.



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